MMA / UFC fighter threatens elderly neighbors over pit bull kill

Elizabeth Phillips, MMA, UFC, pit bull kills beloved Dachshund Buddy
Elizabeth Phillips, MMA, UFC, pit bull kills beloved Dachshund Buddy

UPDATE 10/04/18
Message to Elizabeth Emily Phillips from Buddy’s owners

“We went to court for the 2nd time after Elizabeth Phillips’ charge of 2nd degree criminal trespassing against us on September 5, 2018. With the assistance of Spokane City Police Officer Benjamin Brown-Bieber, Elizabeth Phillips managed to twist the police and courts against us, her elderly neighbors across the street..

WHY DID ELIZABETH PHILLIPS, MMA / UFC fighter, CALL THE POLICE to harass & intimidate her neighbors? Elizabeth Phillips apparently has a private line to Spokane City Police Officer B. Brown-Bieber. Audio/ video of Phillips threatening her neighbors. Our sins against Elizabeth Emily Phillips?” READ MORE

Elizabeth Phillips, MMA, UFC, pit bull kills beloved Dachshund Buddy
Elizabeth Phillips, MMA, UFC, pit bull kills Buddy

Spokane, WA 06/02/18:  An emergency temporary Anti-Harassment Order for Protection was taken out against Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Elizabeth Phillips by her neighbor on May 30, 2018 according to Spokane County District Court public records.

Elizabeth Phillips, MMA, UFC, Mixed Martial Arts, Ultimate Fighting Championship
Elizabeth Phillips, MMA, UFC, Mixed Martial Arts, Ultimate Fighting Championship

The protection order stems from a Mother’s Day, May 13 dispute after Phillips’ male pit bull, Vinney, broke free, ran into the neighbors’ home and killed the elderly couples’ Dachshund. The pit bull was seized by animal control authorities and was later deemed a Dangerous Dog by Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Services (SCRAPS). Phillips appealed the decision and a hearing was scheduled for May 31, 2018.

Public documents detail threats Elizabeth Phillips allegedly made against her neighbor with the “intent to keep her from attending and speaking at the Dangerous Dog hearing.” Specific verbal threats included “I’m going to fuck up your face bitch.” Because Phillips is a professional fighter in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) arenas, her fists may possibly be legally considered as weapons. Phillips must attend a June 13, 2018 hearing to convince the court why the protection order should not be extended to a year or more and why Phillips is not responsible for emergency vet bills and other damages.

An investigation about a possible connection between the MMA in Las Vegas, the UFC  fighting organizations and illegal fighting dogs bred in Spokane is ongoing. Calls to Phillips’ elderly neighbors went unanswered as of Saturday, June 2, 2018.

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Elizabeth Phillips, MMA, UFC, Mixed Martial Arts, Ultimate Fight Champions, Paul C
Paul C, co-owner of Buddy, the Dachshund killed by Elizabeth Phillips’ pit bull as he waits for word about Buddy’s condition.

Update 06/03/18: “The pit bull attack in our home was so sudden and so vicious it felt like an explosion that has devastated our lives.” said neighbor Darlene B, co-owner of the Dachshund killed by Elizabeth Phillips’ dog. “Buddy suffered for another 6 hours, struggling to live, but his injuries were so severe we had to make the decision during surgery to euthanize him.”

“It was (co-owner) Paul C who stayed with Buddy throughout that last day of his life while I made payment arrangements. It took several confusing hours before Elizabeth Phillips made a down-payment and the pet emergency hospital was finally able to treat him.” Darlene B said.

“Paul is traumatized from watching and listening to Buddy suffer for all those hours because we didn’t have the money or means to guarantee payment for treatment and surgery.” she continued. “We are so very fortunate to have neighbors who personally put their credit card on the line but, thank God, the pet hospital understood and refused to charge them.” The court will determine if Elizabeth Phillips is legally responsible for the unpaid bills and other damages at a Protection Order hearing at the Spokane County District Court, June 13, 2018.

Darlene B and Paul C stated further that they are haunted by not being able to take care of their beloved “Baby” because they are poor. They do not want other innocent people to experience the same confusion, fear and delay of treatment if their pet is injured in an unprovoked attack by a pit bull. Plans are underway for a GoFundMe campaign to raise awareness and money for the “Buddy Memorial Pet Emergency Medical Fund”. All proceeds will go directly to the Spokane Pet Emergency Hospital into an account in his name that can be used to immediately cover the medical expenses in tragedies such as theirs. “This is the very least we can do to turn our excruciating pain and loss into something we can call good.”

Buddy, the Dachshund, who was killed by MMA / UFC fighter Elizabeth Phillips' pit bull May 13, 2018.
Buddy, the Dachshund  killed by MMA / UFC fighter Elizabeth Phillips’ male pit bull, Vinney, May 13, 2018.

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Background: Buddy was a 9.5 year old black/tan miniature Dachshund given to Paul C and Darlene B in February 2009 when he was just 8 weeks old. Paul was undergoing chemotherapy treatments at the time and Buddy never left his side. When Buddy was attacked and mortally wounded on Mothers’ Day, May 13, 2018 by a pit bull owned by neighbor MMA / UFC fighter Elizabeth Phillips, Paul never left his side.

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"Until one has loved an animal, a part of on's soul remains unawakened." Elizabeth Phillips, MMA, UFC, Mixed Martial Arts, Ultimate Fight Champions

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