Azar’s Greek Restaurant / N Monroe St, Spokane

Azar's Restaurant features the Greek family food passed down through generations to owner Katy Azar, N Monroe Street, Spokane, WA

Azar’s Restaurant began in 1980 started by Najeeb and Najla Azar and their son Victor Azar, and has been in business since.  Azar’s offers Middle Eastern and Greek cuisine.  Katy learned the art of cooking the cuisine from her mother Najla Azar.  Najla passed along her talent, knowledge, cooking secrets and her authentic recipes and spice mixes that were handed down from generation to generation in Middle Eastern cooking to her daughter, Katy, to be used in the restaurant for all to enjoy. ***

Azar’s Restaurant is now owned and operated by Katy Azar and her children.

Azar's Restaurant, Katy Azar, N Monroe Street, Spokane, WA

The Azar family came from Jordan directly to Spokane in 1973. Mr. Azar is originally from Lebanon, but lived mostly in Jordan and was a Christian minister for 32 years building new churches and schools through out the Middle East. Mrs. Azar is originally from Palestine and also lived in Jordan. After their marriage, Mrs. Azar assisted Mr. Azar in his ministry, withstanding religious discrimination. After living through three revolutions in Iraq from 1962-1967, and four wars in Jordan from 1967-1973 the Azar family felt that they needed a better way of life for themselves and their children. In America the Azar family has worked very hard to establish their business, and were able to realize the American dream.

Mr. and Mrs. Azar owned and operated the 7-11 store of E. 924 Empire, from 1976 to 1998. Mr. & Mrs. Azar retired from the 7-11 store in 1999 and on November 24, 2002 Mrs. Azar passed away. She is missed terribly but she lives on through her cooking and talent passed onto her daughter, Katy Azar.

HOURS: Monday-Thursday……11:00-8:00
Friday and Saturday..…11:00-9:00 Sunday ………..…..Closed

Katy uses only the finest and healthiest ingredients possible including sea salt in all cooking and on the tables, olive oil and corn oil for all cooking and trans-fat-free oil for deep frying.

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