Hero Jim

Good Morning Jim – before I begin, I want to thank you for being out there in the world helping us. This is truly a situation in which there is no remedy or solution without you.  I will write down below every single thing you might need to know about our case.

This is the most important:  My criminal trespassing charge was made at 1:30 pm September 5, 2018 by Spokane City Police Officer B. Brown-Bieber. I have video of her threatening me “I’m calling the cops & get you arrested on my anti-harassment suit.” Lo & behold,  3 cops in at least 2 cars showed up, chatted with her for awhile then came to my house. The first words out of Bieber’s mouth was “I warned you not to bother her.” The 2 officers with him can verify this.

Case #8z0141436

Police report: #1820170686

When I signed the citation he told me “Better be at that hearing or a warrant for your arrest will be issued.” I viewed this as a direct threat. When I showed him the photo of Elizabeth Phillip’s, I said “Do you know who she is?”

“Oh, I know who she is.” in a really creepy way. My lip curled in disgust.

This was the 2nd time Office Brown-Bieber responded to her calls to police. The first time she called the cops on me was on May 25, 2018 which led to my Emergency Order of Protection from Elizabeth Phillips.

You have copies of those docs. I made it clear I feared she was using the police to intimidate me & keep me from speaking at the Danger Dog hearing.

The first time she called the cops, I was trying to talk about the outstanding Pet Emergency Vet bill which she promised to pay. As of today, September 19, she has not paid the bill which is now going to collections against me.

The second time I stepped on Elizabeth Phillips’ property & snapped the original photo below. Note the child with Vinny “Dangerous Dog” Phillips. In my Protection Order papers I explained that this attack was so vicious & traumatic the only thing that gave us any comfort was “Thank God, IT WASN’T A CHILD.”

Note: No lock on the gate. Vinny is not wearing a muzzle & there is no signage to warn innocents. My only thought was to document it. I could easily have stayed out on the street & zoomed in for the photo but I actually was giving Phillips the benefit of the doubt. Since Vinny was behind a fence, I wanted to make sure he wasn’t muzzled & there’s still no lock on that gate. By bringing a child into the mix, there’s no way I will let her & her dog go back to their normal lives with nothing changed due to Buddy’s attack & death. And, for treating us so harmfully since the attack on Mother’s Day, May 13, 2018.