**Elizabeth Phillips 
Owner of Vinny “Dangerous Dog” Phillips
Says she s not liable for her dog’s actions because “the downstairs tenants left the gate open.”  This is the excuse she’s defending herself on.

PLEASE, SUE her personally ASAP – is it better to file before or after my court date October 2 at 1:30 pm?

**C & H Duplex – Sue the Property management, landlords’ insurance? Their liability didn’t end when Vinny crushed Buddy to death.

** Phillips boyfriend in black, sporty truck – he let Vinny out their back door without checking on the gate first May 13, 2018.  WA LICENSE PLATE #C31499L

How about if Paul & I sue Phillips’ boyfriend separately in small claims court?

**Pet Emergency Hospital – outstanding bill = $1500 needs to be paid ASAP

**Spokane City Police Department -” Thou shalt not bear false witness.”

Officer B. Brown Bieber charged me with Criminal Trespass 2nd offense.  Officer Brown-Bieber arrived with 2 other cops, in at least 2 cop cars. He spent at least an hour on my front porch separately interviewing me, Paul & our friend, Pat Nellin, who is dying from Stage IV melanoma.

Brown-Bieber also came quickly when Phillips first called 911 on May 23, 2018. Is she calling the Police Department directly or is she calling Brown-Bieber to come over & fuck up our lives.

Can we subpoena the 2 cops who came with Brown-Bieber on this latest investigation?

Can we get the records of #911 calls to police on May 13 & September 5, 2018. I have dated / timed audio of her screaming “I’m calling the cops & you’re going to get arrested”.

Who does this? What kind of cold-blooded person calls the police just to HARM their neighbors – AFTER FIRST KILLING THEIR DOG!

**Also, Phillips has told the new downstairs tenants – Mary & Ryan that she has an Order of Protection against me. YOU CAN HEAR HER on video/audio threatening me. Phillips has involved them in agreed-upon shared property so I want to write a letter from you that clearly states that Vinny is now their responsibility too.  I must hold everyone accountable now if we ever want to bring a new dog into our home.

We need to make a report about this to Children’s Protective Services but I figure it would be better after my court date October 2 at 1:30 pm? Right??
I leave everything to your judgement.

Can we sock it to them? 

WE can’t heal or get back to living without