After pit bull, Vinny, killed their beloved Dachshund, Buddy …

The pit bull, owned by Elizabeth Phillips, Vinny killed their beloved 9 year old Dachshund, Buddy, on Mother’s Day, 2018. Four months later, Darlene C & Paul B  are still reeling after Elizabeth Phillips says she’s not responsible because the tenants downstairs left the gate open. At this point, they are under the crippling symptoms of PTSD & the Domino Effect.

Buddy, the Dachshund, who was killed by MMA / UFC fighter Elizabeth Phillips' pit bull May 13, 2018.
Buddy, the Dachshund, AKA “Cheese Boy” & “Baby” killed by MMA -UFC Mixed Martial Arts & Ultimate Fight Championship fighter Elizabeth Phillips‘ pit bull Vinny on Mother’s Day 5-13-18.

“Whenever I hear a dog bark, I have to sort out whether it’s more like Buddy’s bark – which then is a painful memory – or if the bark is like Vinny’s – I experience anger, righteousness & frustration.  Regardless, I can’t concentrate or work. Truth be known, Paul & I are both suffering the Domino Effect:

May 13, 2018 – Brutal pit bull attack
May 28 – Officer Brown-Bieber 1st call
May 30 – Dangerous Dog Hearing, Spokane City Hall, SCRAPS

September 5, 2018 – Officer Brown-Bieber 2nd call.

Phillips called Spokane City Police Officer B. Brown-Bieber charged me with TRESPASSING Premise 2nd offense because I stepped on her front walk to document a child I believed was in a dangerous situation. I still think the child is in danger. Or worse, what’s to keep that child from opening the gate letting Dangerous Dog out to kill again? Or inviting a little friend over who looks like red meat to Vinny?

Regardless, just this is driving us further into the ground – the child was dropped off to Phillips Friday afternoon Sept 21, 2018 so now I’m in hyper-vigilante mode.

Our upstairs bedroom windows look out across the street to hers. The front door opens to her house, the porch looks straight across to her house & side/ back gate/yard. The new downstairs tenants told me Phillips  Mary & Ryan share the outdoor space – Elizabeth Phillips got them involved.

Feels like our whole lives are in a Death Spiral.

  1. We have not been able to pay the mortgage.  We are in active foreclosure. We are threatened with HOMELESSNESS because Elizabeth Phillips will not take responsibility for the actions of her dog.
  2. Emergency Pet Hospital bill – Elizabeth Phillips promised the judge at one of our hearings early April that she would pay the outstanding vet bill. They are threatening Collections.  OUR CREDIT IS DESTROYED
  3. I’m in Bereavement Counseling & both Paul & I are barely functioning. We are relatively resilient but all this has knocked me off my feet. I am an alphabet of recurring PTSD, ADD,
  4. The best thing that can happen is we get a new dog.  We need a comfort dog (or 2!) Buddy was a pure bred Dachshund with papers. These go for @ $2800 these days plus vaccinations, neutering, etc.