Testimony: Trespassing Hearing 10/2/18

Testimony: Trespassing charges 9/5/18

We are Darlene Brice & Paul Cosby. We are homeowners and have lived at 1023 W Jackson Street Spokane for almost 18 years.

Elizabeth Phillips lives directly across the street in the upstairs apartment (accessible only through the backyard) at 1024 W Jackson Street Spokane. Until May 13, 2018 we were strangers.

On May 13, Mother’s Day 2018 at around 11 am Phillips’ pit bull (Vinny) broke loose from his yard, ran into our home and attacked our beloved 9 yo Dachshund, Buddy. Vinny crushed Buddy’s chest and almost tore off his back leg. Buddy lived another 7 hours but died in surgery.

On that same day, Vinny was taken in by SCRAPS. Officer Durbin took a full report. This was Vinny’s 2nd offense. Phillips paid @ $400 to the Pet Emergency Hospital leaving a balance of $1400 in our names.

May 25, 2018 – Vinny is returned to Phillips after she complied with Spokane City ordinances requiring “Dangerous Dog” insurance. Darlene and Paul tried to contact Phillips about the outstanding vet bill. Phillips immediately started threatening us with arrest. She called Officer B. Brown-Bieber who responded within 10 minutes. He indeed issued a warning to me about not bothering Ms. Phillips (#2018-20099215). This single incident accounts for my “1st offense” in this court.

After Officer Brown-Bieber left Phillips threatened us with “I’m going to fuck up your face, bitch.” and “I’ll fuck you up too old man.”

Elizabeth Phillips, MMA, UFC, Mixed Martial Arts, Ultimate Fight Champions
Elizabeth Phillips, MMA, UFC, Mixed Martial Arts, Ultimate Fight Champions

On May 30, 2018 I took out a Temporary Order of Protection against Elizabeth Phillips because Phillips had appealed SCRAPS’ “Dangerous Dog” designation and I felt she was trying to intimidate me from going to the hearing at City Hall.

Please see Order # 18720308, filed May 30, 2018.

May 31, 2018 – SCRAPS hearing at Spokane City Hall. Vinny is legally, officially declared a “Dangerous Dog” 2nd OFFENSE.  Phillips did not show up for hearing.

June 13, 2018 – Order of Anti-Harrassment from Elizabeth Phillips hearing. The order was not renewed. The Pet Emergency Hospital bill was brought up by judge and Phillips promised to pay it.

September 5, 2018 – Darlene, Paul and close friend saw Vinny in his yard. Since I recently received another notice from the Pet Emergency Hospital saying the outstanding $1400 would be sent to collections, I crossed the street, walked on the front walk. As I turned the corner, I was shocked to see a child in the backyard with the pit bull. Vinny was not muzzled as required by law, nor was the gate locked. “Dangerous Dog” signage was still not put up. I stopped, took one photo, turned around and walked back on their front walk.

Please see photos with notations.

Phillips saw my back as I was leaving and she immediately screamed “I’m calling the cops. The cops are coming and they’re going to arrest you for trespassing.”

Audio/video of Elizabeth Phillips in the moments after I took the above photo.

Within 10 minutes 3 Spokane police officers show up in 2 separate police cars. After chatting with Phillips for 15 minutes or so, all 3 police officers came to my front porch. The first words out of Officer Brown-Bieber “I warned you not to bother her.” After an hour or so interviewing us all separately and running our names through police data bases, he came back with this criminal citation with the further warning “Better make this court date or you will be arrested.”

That is why we are here today. I am under criminal charges for trespassing when my intention was to document a Dangerous Dog with a child. When I asked the 3 officers if the pit bull was wearing a muzzle, all 3 said “there’s no dog or child.” Officer Brown-Bieber made it very clear he was there only to charge me with Criminal Trespassing. The court now can see exactly why I believe that child was endangered and I submit this to be reported now to Children’s Protective Services.

We did not ask for any of this.

We are living a nightmare since that sunny Mother’s Day when we witnessed our Buddy killed in a brutal attack in our home. Vinny bit Paul and attacked me. The whole neighborhood heard the screaming and turned out to help. It was a vicious, unprovoked attack in our own home by Elizabeth Phillips’ pit bull and we hope she will take responsibility for her actions.

We also hope she will stop threatening us with the police and arrest. Phillips knows who we are. We are the old couple, her neighbors across the street.  Of course, we will never intrude on the property at 1024 W Jackson, Spokane. All correspondence and issues will be handled by Jim Domanico, our attorney.

I thank the court for its attention and consideration.


Darlene Brice / Paul Cosby

Buddy, the Dachshund, who was killed by MMA / UFC fighter Elizabeth Phillips' pit bull May 13, 2018.
Buddy, the Dachshund who was killed by MMA / UFC fighter Elizabeth Phillips’ pit bull May 13, 2018.
Elizabeth Phillips, MMA, UFC, Mixed Martial Arts, Ultimate Fight Champions, Paul C
Paul C, co-owner of Buddy, the Dachshund killed by Elizabeth Phillips’ pit bull as he waits for word about Buddy’s condition.